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Susan Coventry

Susan is a wife, mother, and pediatric pathologist. She is now living in Louisville, Kentucky, but says she'll always be a Jersey girl at heart. Although blessed with a supportive husband, "perfect" children, and a career that is still enjoyable and challenging after many years, she readily admits that sometimes a person just needs to get away from it all. The farther the better. In Susan's case, medieval Europe is just about far enough.

To relax, she reads—especially historical fiction. But at some point, simply reading was no longer enough. Susan started to think of stories she would like to write herself. The Queen's Daughter is what finally resulted when she decided to stop thinking about it and do it.

Susan's sources of support on her journey from fanatical historical fiction reader to struggling writer to published author were (and still are):

  1. The Historical Novel Society: A group of like-minded historical fiction lovers. Membership in the society entitles you to a quarterly journal full of book reviews to help you decide what to read next. It'll keep you up-to-date on what's going on in the world of historical fiction. In addition, the society holds biennial conferences that are absolutely fantastic.
  2. Novelpro: An online writers' workshop for novelists. Membership requires an application and annual dues. The members are hardworking, dedicated writers who are determined to help each other improve their craft, as well as providing much needed moral support.

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