New Historical Romance Series

The Taverstons of Iversley

Get ready to meet the headstrong sons and independent daughter of the Earl of Iversley in a new four-part Regency Romance series, The Taverstons of Iversley. Available beginning in September 2024!

While seeking conventional marriage partners, the close-knit Taverston siblings—Jasper, Crispin, Reginald, and Olivia—discover that unsuitable matches may be the only matches that will suit.

Counting on Love by Carol Coventry

Book 1

Sept 14, 2024

When the wrong brother is the right man…

Holding onto Love by Carol Coventry

Book 2

Dec. 17, 2024

When a duty-before-all-else Earl can’t forget the mistress he put aside…

Waiting for Love by Carol Coventry

Book 3

March 14, 2025

When a childhood crush grows into an impossible love…

Yielding to Love by Carol Coventry

Book 4

June 13, 2025

When a world-weary soldier who refuses to love meets a woman he cannot refuse…


Susan Coventry is a retired pediatric pathologist, now a full-time author of historical fiction. Her first novel, The Queen’s Daughter, set in the twelfth century, is the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine’s youngest daughter. Susan has moved from the Middle Ages to the turn-of-the-twentieth century, from Europe to the United States, and from writing for a YA audience to writing for adults. Her forthcoming novel, Till Taught by Pain, recounts the life and love of Dr. William S. Halsted, the troubled first surgeon-in-chief at the brand-new Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Susan also writes Regency Romance under the pen name, Carol Coventry. For pure escapist fun, discover Counting on Love, the first in a four-part series, The Taverstons of Iversley.

Susan Coventry / Carol Coventry